Franchise Investigate

Kevin Olson and Brian Melaney are professional seasoned consultants who enjoy guiding franchise candidates.  Our aim is to help you realize your professional goals.  After a free but far searching consultation, Kevin or Brian will review the hundreds of franchise companies with whom we have forged relationships and will suggest a few suited to your skills, interests, and resources.  Why not utilize our time and experience to enhance your search?  Yes, we are compensated by the various franchises for bringing them screened and qualified candidates.  Thus, our services are free to you and they never adversely affect your franchise fees.

Our suggestion?  Choose a caring consultant with vast experience, knowledge, and find one with a personality as it makes the search more fun and rewarding.  Check out our bio's and begin the exciting journey to diversify or enhance your portfolio.  Check out Kevin's bio at or Brian's at

Franchise Opportuntities

Kevin Olson and his companies has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine, Venture Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Kevin has been featured on the cover of the Sports Style magazine.

Brian Melaney has served two terms as Mayor of the city of West Haven, Utah.  He has owned many franchise companies and is the co-owner of a 25 year old very success marketing company.