Franchise Investigate

Kevin Olson and his team are professional franchise consultants helping candidates realize their dream of owning their own business. After a free consultation with you, Kevin or one of his associates will evaluate the hundreds of franchise companies they have an association with and will find the one which best fits your skills, interests and pocket book. Why waste your time trying to do this investigation on your own when you can have this free help. The franchisors have agreed to pay their company for helping you and they will NOT charge you any extra for this service.

Kevin and his associates not only have consulted with a number of large franchise companies, they have consulted with over a few thousand candidates finding hundreds of them the perfect franchise company. Don’t just let anyone give you advice. Check out Kevin’s bio or those of his associates. If you can find someone more qualified than these consultants, it will be rare . After one short call with Kevin or one of the experienced associates, you’ll know if they are the right person to help you.

These Franchise consultant's have helped place hundreds and hundreds of candidates into everything from single unit franchise businesses, multi-unit, Area Development, Master and International franchises.

Franchise Opportuntities
Kevin Olson and his companies has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine, Venture Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Kevin has been featured on the cover of the Sports Style magazine.